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Hip Bands Set : Get bootilicious!

Hip Bands Set : Get bootilicious!

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Get your dream booty with these hip bands!

✓ 3 Resistance levels fit for beginner to advanced levels
✓ High-Quality Performance Fabric
✓ Non-sliding
✓ Anti-chafing
✓ Versatile use: Hip bands are ideal for a variety of exercises like CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Squatting, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts. 

Take control of your booty gains with our hip bands in 3 levels of resistance!

By increasing the resistance with Level Light-Medium-Heavy bands you will be increasing your results!

Build your dream body with these hip bands!

Hip bands offer a versatile range of exercises that are perfect for

  • Targeted Muscle Gain & Strengthening
  • Weight-loss & Body Toning
  • Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation
  • Comprehensive Workouts

No more slipping and sliding during your hip workouts - our bands are ultra-grip and anti-slip!


These are built to last - and they're comfortable too!

Just 10 minutes a day will transform your booty and keep you in shape!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent product with cool colour options!!!

Perfect to add functional strength activities and mobility drills with good range of motivation and bands dont get fold when you do exercises.

The best resistance bands!

They are non-slippery. And have a good grip inside. I used the beginner one and it is very comfortable to use. The higher levels are good too as they are stronger.

Excellent for beginners.

First of all, this took me by a surprise. I was not expecting this resistance band to be this good. It's amazing for beginners as well as for those hard-core workout people. Just go for it.