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Recovery Max Duo ( FREE 21 Days Holistic Fitness Program )

Recovery Max Duo ( FREE 21 Days Holistic Fitness Program )

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After a tough workout, don't let soreness keep you down!

Your post-workout Your recovery is as important as your dedication to an exercise routine! 

Don't let muscle soreness stop you from sticking to your fitness grind!

Get the Juiice foam rollers for a Myofascial Release!

Roll before and after your workout at the gym, Pilates, or yoga to condition and stretch muscle tissue

Relieve all the pains and aches post-workout!

Improve body mobility and blood circulation!



Our foam rollers are perfect for intense self-massaging with quick pain relief!


Get those gains faster by incorporating foam rolling in your routine!


Take your fitness results to the next level with our durable, extra-strong resistance band!

  • Perform Full Body Strength Workouts with Strength Training Bands.
  • Caters to everyone's fitness needs from beginners to pros and offers resistances levels from light to heavy
  • Anti Snap Fabric: Made with 100% Latex, these won't snap while you work out
  • Compact & Portable Exercise anywhere at any time. You can take them to the gym, or office, or pack them for your next trip.

Offers Full Body Strength Workouts 
(Thigh toners, glute activators, arm raisers & muscle builders )

  • Targeted Muscle Gain & Strengthening
  • Weight-loss & Body Toning
  • Assisted Weight Training
  • Calisthenics & Pull-Up Assistance
  • Warmup Stretching
  • Comprehensive Full-body Workouts

Targets all round muscle training!

Work out from anywhere anytime!

Anti-snap, comfortable & long-lasting durable band

For general fitness training, rehabilitation, stretching, jumping, speed training, aerobics and for adding progressive resistance to weight training exercises.

We'll help you get that body through & through with an offer you won't be able to refuse!

Get the Juiice 21-Days Holistic Fitness Program worth Rs. 499 absolutely FREE with your order of the Balance Power Duo!

The Recovery Max Duo  contains :

1. 1 Foam Roller

2. 1 Medium Resistance Band

3. Juiice 21 Days Fitness Program

Achieve your flexibility goals with the RECOVERY MAX DUO !

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