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Super Balance Resistance Bands

Super Balance Resistance Bands

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Take your fitness results to the next level with our durable, extra-strong resistance bands!

  • Perform Full Body Strength Workouts with Strength Training Bands.
  • Caters to everyone's fitness needs from beginners to pros and offers resistances levels from light to heavy
  • Anti Snap Fabric: Made with 100% Latex, these won't snap while you work out
  • Compact & Portable Exercise anywhere at any time. You can take them to the gym, or office, or pack them for your next trip.

Offers Full Body Strength Workouts 
(Thigh toners, glute activators, arm raisers & muscle builders )

  • Targeted Muscle Gain & Strengthening
  • Weight-loss & Body Toning
  • Assisted Weight Training
  • Calisthenics & Pull-Up Assistance
  • Warmup Stretching
  • Comprehensive Full-body Workouts

Targets all round muscle training!

Work out from anywhere anytime!

Designed for everyone with multiple resistance levels

How to choose the right resistance bands for your workout?

Red ( Light Resistance ): For general warm-ups,stretching and for anyone new to resistance training or pilates.

Black ( Medium Resistance ): For general fitness training, rehabilitation, stretching, jumping, speed training, aerobics and for adding progressive resistance to weight training exercises.

Purple ( Heavy Resistance ): For assisted chin-ups and pull-up assist bands, biceps curls, calisthenics, and stretching.

Green ( Extra Heavy Resistance ): For larger weight training exercises, stronger bench pressers and movements involving the lower body, calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes.

Blue (Super Heavy Resistance ): For Assisted pull-ups for heavier men and heavy leg or back movements.

Anti-snap, comfortable & long-lasting durable band

          2X stronger than the other resistance bands available in the market!

One Band Multiple Workouts!


Strength train at home with the best quality Strength Training Bands!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
kalpna kumar

This band is so usefull for full body exercise either it is legs, back , biceps , even shoulders. You can take it where you are going ..really handy. You can use it for homeworkout and in gym as well.

Must Have for home workout!

Loved it so much . Very helpful for the home workout . You can do many variations of workout. The band is thick and of very good quality

Superb Product! Loved It!

The very heavy band is a great choice for assisted pull-ups, chin-ups, and dips. Very good quality.
Choose a lighter-weight band for regular exercise.