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High Density Yoga Blocks ( Set of 2 )

High Density Yoga Blocks ( Set of 2 )

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Deepen your posture and advance your yoga practice!

Fab foam blocks to namaslay your yoga game!

The Juiice Yoga Bricks, help you master your poses, safely, conveniently, and effectively!

Yoga blocks from Juiice aren't just for the inexperienced.

To improve flexibility, balance, comfort, and stability, blocks can be utilized at any level.

Beginners and anyone with injuries or physical restrictions can use blocks to make difficult yoga positions accessible. 

Stability + Balance = Effective Yoga

The Juiice Yoga Bricks help in providing a safe & stable platform with proper balance while you perform your yoga poses with optimal alignment to slowly condition your joints & build your strength!

Durable, Supportive and Easy to Clean!

The Juiice Yoga Bricks are more lightweight, durable & long-lasting than other stability & balance aids because of their 50% extra dense foam construction!

Their non-slip surface & beveled edges make the Juiice Yoga Bricks perfect for your next yoga session!

Easily clean your Yoga Bricks with a mild detergent & a towel, wipe it clean & let it dry!

The Perfect Balance

The yoga blocks are made with a perfect balance of firmness and a hint of softness making them both effective as well as comfortable

Extend & Deepen your stretches!

The Juiice Yoga Blocks truly are the ideal yoga companion!

Use your new tools to help with extensions, supporting and deepening your stretches while also helping increase your range of motion for better Yoga!

Don't let complex poses let you down!

Achieve your flexibility & mobility goals with the Juiice Yoga Bricks!

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