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We wanted to spill our CORE secrets! Interested?


Loosen yourself up and stretch a little.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

As the pandemic has hit the road, the situation is getting better and even though all the messes are unwinding slowly and gradually, self-care is yet at the same pace. All of us are seeking new beginnings and an entirely new regime so that things start to fall in place. It has become essential to incline our habits towards self-care as pampering oneself is something we all need. Self-care is not always related to a single aspect, it has a bundle of factors - mental health and physical health being the main. When it comes to physical health, one needs to focus on the entire body, wherein the core plays a key role. 

“A strong core will improve your technique, strength, and stamina and compliment everything you do.” –Susan Trainor

The core stabilizes and balances our body and guides it to function properly. To maintain a proper core one needs to practice self-care comprehensively. Not only that, but one needs to also keep some pointers in mind and make sure to schedule it in their body clock so that the core has no reason to complain.

Creating Awareness:

The first thing everyone should follow is creating awareness. Awareness is generic but a chief aspect when you follow a certain routine in life. You should know all the ingredients your body is consuming and whether they are good or not for your health. It will balance out things physically, and once the body functions properly, the mental state automatically aligns well.

Workout Regime:

The next factor to keep in mind is working out. For a healthy core, a workout is known to be a key component. Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work in harmony. If you are not willing to hit the gym to workout, Juiice has got you covered as they have devices like the Sit Up Assistant, AB Roller that make it convenient for you to work out in your home setting.

Consumption of Core Diet:

Last but not the least, a proper diet. When the word dieting pops up, people usually have this myth in their mind that they will have to starve themselves. In reality, it is quite the opposite! Here, all you need to do is entertain your body with a healthy diet. In this diet, one needs to focus on foods that will help them function properly, leading to a strong core. 
Core strengthening has been promoted as a preventive regimen, as a form of rehabilitation!


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