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Big Booty Duo ( FREE Juiice 21 Days Holistic Fitness Program )

Big Booty Duo ( FREE Juiice 21 Days Holistic Fitness Program )

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Improve your flexibility and range of motion!

Get the stretch you need with the Adjustable Leg Stretcher by Juiice

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduced risk of injury during physical activity
  • Increased blood flow to the legs and lower back
  • Reduced muscle tension and soreness
  • Enhanced athletic performance

Get physical therapy at home!

A useful tool perfect for floor stretching, yoga stretching, and warm-up exercises as well as for dancers and athletes. Helps with physical therapy at the comfort of your own home.

With regular use, the adjustable leg stretcher can help you achieve your flexibility goals and improve your overall physical health!

Tone and strengthen your glutes with our durable and effective glute bands!

✓ 3 Resistance levels fit for beginner to advanced levels
✓ High-Quality Performance Fabric
✓ Non-sliding
✓ Anti-chafing
✓ Versatile use: Glute bands are ideal for a variety of exercises like CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Squatting, Hot Yoga, and Beach Body workouts. 

Take control of your glute gains with our collection of resistance bands in 3 levels of difficulty

No more slipping and sliding during your glute workouts - our bands are ultra-grip and anti-slip!



Elevate your glute workouts with our variety of resistance bands - there's one for every stage of your fitness journey!

We'll help you get that body through & through with an offer you won't be able to refuse!

Get the Juiice 21-Days Holistic Fitness Program worth Rs. 499 absolutely FREE with your order of the Balance Power Duo!

The Big Booty Duo contains :

1. One Adjustable Leg Stretcher

2. 3 Glute Bands

Achieve your flexibility goals with the BIG BOOTY DUO!

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