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Juiice 21 Day Holistic Fitness Program

Juiice 21 Day Holistic Fitness Program

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Tired of searching for a Program that takes care of all your fitness needs in 21 Days?

Your search ends here!

The Juiice 21 Day Holistic Fitness Program has been specially designed to keep you & your goals in mind; to get visible, efficient, long-lasting results in 21 Days.

It's time to sign up now for starting your epic transformation!

Lets get you out of bed, pushing your limits & turning your fitness dreams into reality! 

What you'll get with our Program

For the next 21 days, our Program will tell you what exercises to do, how to do them through guided video workouts & how to go about supporting your workouts through topics hydration, nutrition dos & don'ts.

Our program offers more than just a physical workout plan, we give you a 21 Day experience with tips & tricks they don't tell you at the gym!

Our program is specially designed keeping everyone in mind, so even if you've never stepped foot in a gym, or haven't exercised in a long time, we've got your back!!

You'll be provided with a pdf version of the workout program on your e-mail, with links to guided video workouts embedded in the pdf itself!

Our team worked hard crafting a time-bound, effective, holistic & universally appealing workout program for you! The only thing you need to do is take the first few steps of your own personal fitness journey!!


Let's sum things up & get you ready to get your sweat on!



Q. Can Beginners do this program?

A. Yes, absolutely they can! Our program is designed to increase in intensity as the weeks progress, so even if you're completely new to working out, you'll see visible changes in your stamina, strength, and overall fitness levels by the end of the 21 Day period!

Q. What if I skip a day accidentally?

A. No problem! Just do your skipped day's workout when you get time & don't take rest on the sixth day of the week.

Q. Will I really get results in 21 Days?

A. If you eat clean, workout according to the plan & indulge responsibly, there isn't a doubt in our minds that you will get visible results in 21 Days.

Q. What if I have questions about my program after purchasing the Program?

A. We've got you covered! Our team is standing by to help you every step of the way with 24/7 WhatsApp & Phone Support.

Q. What equipment will I need for this program?

A. No equipment required ! But if you have trouble doing sit-ups and other core exercises, do check out our Juiice Sit-Up Assistant to aid in your workout sessions and help you target the muscles effectively to burn fat faster!

Q. Can I eat home-cooked food?

A. Yes! In fact, we encourage you to stick to home-cooked food. When you're eating home-cooked food, you get full control over the recipe, which results in healthier, more nutritious meals!

Q. How will I receive my Workout Program? 

A. You will receive the Juiice 21 Day Holistic Fitness Program on your e-mail in a downloadable pdf format. The guided workout videos shall be embedded in the pdf itself.

Q. Can I access my program without internet?

A. Yes, once you download the pdf and access our guided workout videos, you can access our content whenever, wherever!


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